Who is WES

Watchful Eye Security (WES) Team

The strength that WES brings to the market place is a patented solution and unprecedented innovative approach to the surveillance industry delivered by the talent and commitment of our technical and business team:


Jelani McCoy, CEO (Patent holder)

is a driven entrepreneur responsible for winning the patent battle after 8 years against competitors including IBM, to bring WES RTRS to the market. Mr. McCoy’s ability to assemble technical and business savvy talent has positioned WES to be a game changing surveillance technology company in the US.

Technical Team Leads

Joe Zylberberg, Chief Innovation Officer

is a 30-year veteran with diverse aspects of integrated security systems and emerging technologies. He has launched extensive national and international sales strategies and managed joint ventures in the United States, England, and Israel and successfully negotiated cross licensing agreements.

Daniel L. Chester, Senior Vice President of Technology

Dr. Chester leads the Watchful Eye Security development team and is an associate professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware and associate chair of that department. He received his BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees, all in Math, from the University of California at Berkeley. He has published numerous papers on artificial intelligence in various proceedings, journals and books. He is a co-inventor on six patents. He is currently consultant to two startup companies, one of which he co-founded.

David Boyer, Director of Information Technology

David served as an Avamar/Data Domain subject matter expert for the HP Backup Production Support Team, managing the Bank of America backup account before his transition to the BUR Team. He was in intricate part of configuring and supporting over 32 Avamar grids that were backing up over 8000 servers across the US; along with supporting 200 + Data Domain devices. David also worked closely with his team to support 100+ NetBackup Master/Media servers. His HP career spanned just over 3 years; but David has over 26 years of experience in the world of Information Technology. He has a vast array of technical skills ranging from IBM Mainframe Desktop/Server support, Corporate Infrastructure backups, to hardware environmental operations. David has worked for and with other Fortune 500companies including HP, MBNA and Bank of America, and a Delaware based utility company named Artesian Water. During his IT journeys David has developed intimate knowledge of how technology plays a crucial role to all prosperous business models. He is instrumental in developing the WES virtual infrastructure design and will lead the WES internal network support efforts.

Strategic Management

Jabari McCoy, Chief Financial Officer, BS, Business Administration, MS, Finance

More than 11 years’ experience in the financial industry including 8 years+ experience in corporate banking managing total capital worth $67M in profits.

David Skocik, Vice President of Marketing, MA, Communication.

Thirty-five years’ experience in public relations in diverse organizations, including military, government, higher education, business, and non-profit organizations. Authored “Practical Public Relations for the Small Business: Tools and Tactics for Competitive Advantage.”

Kevin Coleman, Executive Vice President Business Development, BBA, Advertising/Marketing

More than 28 years of corporate sales and management experience in technology, education, healthcare, continuing legal education.

Ken Palmer, Director Surveillance Installation and Support Operations

Ken Palmer has 20 year’s experience in the commercial, residential and production electronics industries. His experience in electronics includes award winning retail sales, installation, repair, and live production work. He currently serves as Sales Manager and video technician for a major audio video production company. Ken is also former owner / operator of Connections Audio Video Installation (CAV). CAV installed and maintained commercial and residential electronics including multi-camera web enabled surveillance systems. Ken continues his work in the security / observation industry by working as coinstaller for a New Jersey based electronic installation company and in a surveillance system consulting and maintenance role for a prominent Wilmington, DE based development organization.

Shawn Carn, Chief Technical officer

Shawn Carn has been a member of the Watchful eye team since the day of conception. With a background in computer science a degree in Multimedia and Design in pursuit of completing his Masters at Wilmington University, Carn has been played a key role in the structure and scheme of what Watchfuleye patent is built off of. Shawn has worked two of nation’s largest ISP and has help develop documentation for training and system structure of which departments within the company operate. Although the youngest engineer on the team, Shawn has equated countless man hours and education on building everything from the ground up. Shawn background included but not limited to HTML, SQL, & Python. Carn as worked for companies such as Dell, Verizon and Comcast for over the span of 17 years.

Advisory Team

Other key consultants and advocates who play critical roles and who are committed to helping
WES realizes its goals and objectives include:

Scott M. Sumiel, IT Manager

with over 20 years’ experience delivering IT solutions to major corporations specializing in Global Client Care and Vendor Management. Mr. Sumiel is currently managing a Desktop Support Team, Hardware Vendor and Print Services and a vendor for Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company.

Dr. Sherman N. Miller

Received his education at the University of Delaware Field: Education Leadership with Emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction, MS – University of Delaware: Solid State Physics, BS – Delaware State University Field: Mathematics Technical Marketing Specialist -End Use Researcher, and Manufacturing Supervisor at the E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company – Retired, Urban Agent at University of Delaware, National Science Foundation Developmental Fellow-Departmental Assistant at Delaware State University, Production Supervisor for the Chrysler Corporation, and Management Trainee, International Playtex Corporation

Robert L. Tann

is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated diverse businesses and has more than 40 years in the private and public sectors. He is currently the President and CEO of Universal Panel System, a green construction system. After attending West Virginia State University, he worked in his family owned resort located in the Catskills of New York. He also worked for IBM in Kingston, NY in the computer manufacturing division where he recommended and implemented mainframe wiring changes for which he received recognition and a special bonus from the company president, Tom Watson. Mr. Tann worked for the DuPont Company as a Laboratory Technician until he accepted a position in the branch management program of the Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS) bank becoming the Assistant Director of marketing. Mr. Tann was given an executive leave from the bank to work under the appointment of the Mayor of Wilmington, Harry Haskell, as the Deputy Director of the Model Cities program. This was a pilot program launched in twenty US cities by the federal government to rebuild city infrastructure destroyed in reaction to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this capacity he administered and distributed 50 million dollars in federal funds creating more than 80 community development organizations and development projects many of which are in operation today. This pilot program now operates under the name of Community Development Programs.